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Adoptable Cats

View our list of cats available for adoption. Download the application and learn more about adopting a shelter pet.

Your adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, first set of vaccinations & deworming, and microchipping.


photo of Alfie

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a love! I really like to follow people around and beg for pets. I get along fine with other cats too!


photo of Armani photo of Armani

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a pretty mellow little lady most of the time. I'm a little nervous at first, but if you go slow with me I would like some pets. The real key to my heart though is toys! I absolutely love to play! Bring out the toys and you will quickly become my best friend. Other cats are fine by me too!

Bam Bam

photo of Bam Bam

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

They call me Bam Bam because I just can't handle being couped up, so I like to bang my paws on the kennel floor. I'm a silly and playful guy, and I'm very affectionate. I love people so much!


photo of Barney

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a bit nervous in this busy place. I'm slowly getting used to being around people, but I'm still adjusting. I can be a sweet boy, but I will need someone who will let me take some time to get to know them. I'd really like a nice calm home. Please give me a chance.


photo of Bob

Male, Domestic Medium Hair/Mix


photo of Boop

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a pretty mellow little guy for the most part. I just want to be pet and cuddled. I also like to play sometimes. I'm a vocal guy too, so if you are into singers I'm your man!


photo of Charlotte photo of Charlotte

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a sweet, mellow little lady. I love to be pet! I'm a little purr machine. I'm a happy girl who would do well in most homes.


photo of Cheesecake

Female, Domestic Longhair/Mix

At first I am very shy, but give me a chance and you will see I am really a love bug. I just need someone to give me a chance to come out of my shell.


photo of Christopher photo of Christopher photo of Christopher

Male, Domestic Medium Hair/Mix


photo of Chucky

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Don't let the shy guy act fool you. I'm really a big ham! I love human attention so much!


photo of Conrad photo of Conrad

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a silly guy with a fun personality! I like to be pet sometimes, but what I really want is to play! Please bring me home. I really am a love bug.


photo of Cranberry

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a cutie and I know it! I prance around my kennel just hoping someone will open it up and give me some love. Or maybe a toy! I love to snuggle and play! I'm just an all around sweet cat. Don't let my lack of tail scare you away. It doesn't bother me at all!


photo of Doc photo of Doc

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I am a total ham. I will lay on my back and do goofy acrobatics to get your attention. I love to be pet so much! Playtime is great too.


photo of Elroy

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I am always interested in what everyone else is doing. I have to check out what other cats are doing, what the staff is cleaning now, what the volunteers think they are doing not petting me.. I might be nosey, but I am also adorable! I really like to be held and I like a lot of attention! Oh and playtime! Playtime is the best! I love to play with other cats and with toys.


photo of Emma photo of Emma

Female, Domestic Longhair/Mix

I'm really unhappy in this busy place. I was so used to just being in my room with my previous owner, so I don't know what to do with all these other people. I need someone who will allow me to just be and not insist on giving me a lot of attention. I might warm up eventually, but I will need plenty of time.


photo of Fennec photo of Fennec photo of Fennec

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a goofy guy with a spunky personality! I like some attention, but I'm pretty independent. I've lived with other cats before, so I might be okay with a more submissive feline friend, but I would be pretty happy on my own.


photo of Franklin photo of Franklin photo of Franklin

Male, Domestic Longhair/Mix

Hi! My name is Franklin and I'm a talker! I love to play and can have lots of conversations with you. I have to be king of the castle and don't really get along with other cats, but I love people. I also love string toys and laser pointers! I like to perch high on shelves, but I've never knocked anything down because I'm very athletic and graceful. Take me home and I will be your friend for many years to come.


photo of George

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

This guy isn't quite sure what to think of this busy place. He can be really sweet, but he is still a little overwhelmed. He needs someone with a lot of patience to give him the time he needs to get used to them. The staff have seen what a love he can be. He loves scritches and when he really trusts you even belly rubs!


photo of Harrison photo of Harrison

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Life is just so hard being Harrison. Laying around his kennel all day, eating as much as he wants, and getting cuddles. Sooo difficult. At least that's how this talkative guy likes to make it sound. Harrison has lots of things to say. He's so silly. He really is a great guy who loves attention. A calm home would be perfect for him.


photo of Ingrid photo of Ingrid photo of Ingrid

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I love to sit on my bench and look adorable in hopes that someone will come give me pets. I will take all the attention I can get! I also don't mind other cats. Please bring me home!


photo of Jane

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

This busy place is so scary! I'm not used to so many people and so many other cats. It's so overwhelming. I'm slowly starting to come out of my shell though. Deep down I really do like people. If you go slow with me, I would love some pets. I like cheek and behind the ears scratches. I just need a nice home where I can really become the sweet cat I know I can be again.


photo of Judy

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix


photo of Louie

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a social guy! I really love meeting new people and hanging out with everyone. Getting pets and playing are the best!


photo of Maggie

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix


photo of Mercedes photo of Mercedes photo of Mercedes

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a spunky girl with a lot of love to give! I really like to play! My favorite thing is probably following people around for pets though. I'm a very good girl who would make a wonderful cat for someone! I am not the biggest fan of other cats, so if I were to live with another cat, I would prefer if they were calmer and left me be. Please come meet me! I know you will fall in love.


photo of Missy photo of Missy photo of Missy

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I am very scared in this busy place. I really would prefer to be in a calm environment. I love other cats and once I get used to things people are great too. I just really need to get out of this scary place. When things are nice and calm I love to come out and get pets, so I know once I'm in a home I will be a great cat for someone. Please give me a chance. I have been at the shelter for so long.


photo of Pearl

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I have a big bold tortoiseshell personality. If I want pets I will insist on them. If I want to play well the game is on! I really like to play with other cats and with people too. I'm a goof but a really good girl.


photo of Pebbles

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix


photo of Pita photo of Pita

Male, Domestic Longhair/Mix

I tend to stick to the background. I'm still a little nervous here, but if you find me please say hello! I really love attention. I'm actually a really cuddly guy, and I also like other cats.


photo of Pocket

Female, Domestic Longhair/Mix


photo of Rhino

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm as goofy as you would expect a cat named Rhino to be! I like to be pet and loved on sometimes, but I am also pretty independent. I mostly like to loaf around and hang out. I'm such a sweet boy. I just need someone to give me a chance.


photo of Sadie

Female, Domestic Longhair/Mix


photo of Sam

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix


photo of Sammich

Male, Domestic Longhair/Mix


photo of Tex

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix