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Adoptable Cats

View our list of cats available for adoption. Download the application and learn more about adopting a shelter pet.

Your adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, first set of vaccinations & deworming, $5 gift certificate to Louie's Fresh Markets, $10 certificate for Wal*Mart, and a pet information folder!


photo of Ambrosia photo of Ambrosia

Female, Domestic Short Hair

If you are looking for a friendly, playful cat, I am your girl. I am usually lying around up high on the shelves keeping an eye on the other cats here. If I am not there I am most likely curled up in a cubby taking a nap. I would do well in just about any home, as long as there is a lap to sleep in and toys to play with. Will you let me join your family?


photo of Anya photo of Anya

Female, Domestic Short Hair

I am a sweet young girl. I came in pregnant and now all of my babies have been adopted. I am just waiting my turn for my forever home. It would be best for me to have a calmer home as I have a not so good back leg. Please take me home where I can curl up in your lap and nap the day away.


photo of Beth photo of Beth

Female, Domestic Medium Hair - gray and white

Those are some gorgeous blue eyes! Miss Beth is a beautiful grey and white tabby/Siamese with the sweetest temperament! Wouldn't you just love to take this wonderful girl home?


photo of Binky photo of Binky

Male, Domestic Short Hair-black

I'm a very sweet little guy who can be a little shy at first but will soon be snuggled in your arms. I love people, especially kids, and I would be great in a home with them. I also like to hang out with other cats so if you have them - great! The more the merrier as far as I'm concerned.


photo of Cannonball photo of Cannonball

Male, Domestic Long Hair - orange and white

Hello! Aren't I just adorable? I am kind of scared right now but give me some time and I will be a sweet little kitty. I am still a kitten and I would love to grow up in your loving home. When I settle down I would love to play with you too!


photo of Caroline

Female, Domestic Long Hair

Caroline is a big lady with a big personality. She would be a great cat for someone who wants a cat, but has a busy schedule because she does just fine on her own. This sassy lady likes attention on her own terms and she can be extremely sweet.


photo of Coco photo of Coco photo of Coco

Female, Domestic Short Hair-gray/Siamese

Coco is big, beautiful girl who found herself in need of a new home when sadly her owner passed away. She is an indoor kitty and enjoys a relaxed life style. We hope she will find her forever home very soon, as her heart is broken right now. Can you provide for her the love and attention she once had?


photo of Colin

Male, Domestic Short Hair

My picture might not show it, but I'm actually a tiger. Check me out in the sunlight to see my gorgeous markings. I'm a very handsome boy that loves to run around and play. Snuggles are my absolute favorite. I'm not too keen on all of these other cats in this place though. I would really like to be the only spoiled prince in my forever home.

Daisy - ADOPTED!!

photo of Daisy - ADOPTED!! photo of Daisy - ADOPTED!! photo of Daisy - ADOPTED!!

Female, Calico

I'm a very sweet older gal who loves to relax and would be a great lap cat. I'm calm, sweet and get along wonderfully with other cats. I'm hoping you'll scoop me up, give me some hugs and kisses and take me into your home forever.


photo of Danny

Male, Tabby - Orange

Despite living on the streets for a while I am a super sweet guy. I love people and I get along great with other cats.


photo of Dolly

Female, Tabby - Grey

I am very scared right now, but if you go slow I really love attention. Once I am in a home I will blossom into an amazing cat.


photo of Donkey photo of Donkey

Male, Domestic Short Hair - orange and white

Look at those big cheeks! Couldn't you just pinch them? Donkey is a very sweet boy looking for his forever home. He likes to just lounge around and nap all day. He is one of a kind with his big eyes, cheeks, head, and feet. Donkey would love to curl up your lap forever.


photo of Eevee photo of Eevee

Female, Domestic Long Hair - orange and white

Eevee is a feisty little girl who came in to us with a litter of seven kittens. All of them are adopted and she is waiting for her turn. She would do best in a home where she is queen of her castle and she would prefer if she was the only cat.


photo of Faye photo of Faye

Female, Tortoiseshell

I'm a sweet young lady with lots to love!! I'm front declawed and would love to meet you.


photo of Feather photo of Feather photo of Feather

Male, Domestic Short Hair

Is that a laser pointer! Those are my favorite! I like to squeak at them and run around chasing them. I'm a very playful little kitty with a lot of energy. I'm good with other cats and I love people. You should come in and give me a hug and play with me. Or better yet bring me home!


photo of Fluffy photo of Fluffy

Female, Domestic Long Hair - orange and white

I'm a really sad kitty right now. My owner fell ill and I was taken here. I was so used to a quiet calm home, that this loud busy place is really scary to me. Please take me home to your nice quiet home where we can be friends. I promise I will be a very good kitty.


photo of Fluttershy photo of Fluttershy photo of Fluttershy

Female, Domestic Medium Hair/Calico

I am a diva who would love to rule my own home. I am not a fan of small children and would prefer to live without any of those pesky dogs. When you come to see how beautiful I am you will probably find me sitting by the sink. I like my water fresh from the faucet. I like attention, but on my terms only. I would love to be spoiled and I will probably want more attention and maybe I will cuddle with you when you take me to my new forever castle.


photo of Francesca

Female, Domestic Long Hair - orange and white

I am kind of shy so you might not see me at first. There is a lot of commotion here and I would prefer a home that is nice, calm, and quiet. I will be a cuddly girl and curl up on the couch. I do need to be brushed regularly too. I am the cutest couch potato you've ever seen.


photo of Gort

Male, Domestic Short Hair

You might notice something a bit odd about me. I don't have much of a tail. I got frostbite and it had to be amputated :( But it's ok! I'm bouncing back and I'm starting to trust people as well. I'm really shy at first, but spend some time with me and you will find I am quite the snuggler.


photo of Hadassah

Female, Domestic Medium Hair

Look into my beautiful eyes and you will fall in love with me. Did you say cuddle? I would love to, it's my favorite thing in the world! I also love to play and get all the attention I could ever want. I don't mind dogs either. I am very friendly and outgoing but I can be a little shy at times. Come visit me, I just might melt your heart.


photo of Hampton photo of Hampton photo of Hampton

Male, Domestic Short Hair - orange and white

You're looking at a world class cuddler here! I'm a goofy guy who is lovable, friendly and oh so cute! I'm playful and also enjoy giving love bites once in a while...but it's all in good fun! Come check me out!


photo of Icicle photo of Icicle

Female, Domestic Short Hair-black

I am such a cute little girl! I am very friendly and I love to get attention. I also love to play. I have quite the little motor and I would love to curl up and nap in your lap. Is there catnip in that toy? Bring it here, I wanna play!!!


photo of Jason photo of Jason photo of Jason

Male, Domestic Short Hair - orange and white

Aren't I just a big handsome guy? I am very sweet and loving. I love to get attention any way I can. I would do alright in a home with one or two other calm cats but I am not opposed to being the only one. I am a big boy with a big heart, I would love to live the rest of my life with you.


photo of Jax photo of Jax

Male, Domestic Short Hair/Tuxedo

Do you want a handsome young fella who has lots of love to give? If so I am the guy for you. I would love to be your valentine! I love people. I like to talk and follow everyone around asking for attention. I have such a cute little face, don't you like my cute little freckles? I would fit great into any home. Dogs, cats, kids, I love them all! So please, will you be my valentine?


photo of Jeeves photo of Jeeves

Male, Domestic Long Hair

Hey! Hey you! Come check me out! I'm a handsome guy that loves to play. Bring out the toys and I will be your best friend. I could run around and play for hours! My only stipulation is that there aren't any other kitties. I like to have the house to myself, but I love human companions.


photo of Jodi

Female, Tortoiseshell

Hey there, I am a very sweet, outgoing gal with lots of love to give. When you come to visit I will probably greet you at the door when you enter the cat room. All I want is attention and cuddles. I would like to find my new forever home. Will you give me all of your love and cuddles?


photo of Kai-Lan

Female, Domestic Short Hair/Tabby - Brown

I am a spunky little feline. I am one of a kind, that's for sure. I am goofy, energetic, and full of love to give. It would probably be best if I was in a home without little children as I can get a bit of an attitude at times. If you have an empty home and need love to fill it, I am your girl.


photo of Kimber photo of Kimber photo of Kimber

Female, Domestic Short Hair

Kimber is a very pretty cat with a personality that is all her own! She is independent, feisty and fun! She gets along with some cats, but would probably do better being the only cat or with one other.


photo of Kira photo of Kira

Female, Domestic Short Hair

I'm a sweet little girl with a hardy touch of sass! This beautiful young girl would be the perfect addition to any home.

Luke - ADOPTED!!!

photo of Luke - ADOPTED!!! photo of Luke - ADOPTED!!!

Male, Domestic Medium Hair - gray and white

Hello there! You look like a person who has too much extra space on your couch. I'd love to fill that extra space with...myself! I'm a very laid back dude who would love to hang out with you.


photo of Mary photo of Mary photo of Mary

Female, Dilute Calico

Are you one of those cat lovers who falls for the feisty type? Look no further, Mary is your diva! Mary is a pretty, petite Dilute Calico who thinks the world revolves around her. She currently coexists with the other cats, but would probably prefer to be the only queen in her new home. She loves to play, is very smart and she is very spunky!


photo of Maude

Female, Calico

I am a very sweet lady. I just love people!


photo of Nala

Female, Calico

Do you have room in your family for me? I am a very easy going girl who would fit into any home. Kids, cats, and dogs are all fine with me. Need someone to talk to? I love to have conversations. Do you need someone to greet you at the door? I will be waiting to mew hello. I have the softest fur and the sweetest purr. Please consider taking me home.


photo of Nestle photo of Nestle photo of Nestle

Male, Domestic Short Hair-black

Nestle has been with CCHS for quite some time now and he really would love to find his forever home. He's a very special boy who needs a special home. He is outgoing when he wants to be and at other times just wants to be left alone. He doesn't care for dogs, so a canine free home is best for him. Little kids that might pull on his ears or tail would not be welcome either. He may have his quirks, but his handsome face & unique personality are so worth it! Let's find Nestle a home!


photo of Nibbles

Female, Domestic Short Hair

I'm a sassy young lady. I'm a very independent gal, but I'm occasionally I like some lovins. I really like to play too! Other cats are not for me though. I like to have my human to myself.


photo of Olivia photo of Olivia photo of Olivia

Female, Calico

Olivia is a beautiful cat with personality to match! She is a sweet girl who enjoys being pet and given attention, but she isn't too demanding. She has a quite, calm grace about her and would be a wonderful new friend.


photo of Orlando photo of Orlando

Male, Domestic Short Hair-black

I am a calm mellow boy who would prefer a quiet home. I am kind of afraid of dogs, but they might be ok if they are calm and quiet. Come find me and give me some lovin please. I love you and I want to be your new best friend.


photo of Paige photo of Paige photo of Paige

Female, Domestic Medium Hair-orange

Paige is a sweet girl who loves to be cuddled. She is a little shy at first since she doesn't like being around so many cats, but spend a little one on one time with this girl and you will see how she melts our hearts. She will tolerate any cats but a home where she would be by herself would probably be ideal. Stop on by and meet this sweet little girl!

Patches- ADOPTED!!

photo of Patches- ADOPTED!!

Female, Domestic Short Hair/Calico

Looking for a calm cuddly lady? Look no further! I'm good for snuggles for days. I love people and if you walk by the kennels in the back cat room I will surely be one of the first to greet you. I'd like nothing more than a calm home and a warm lap to curl up in.


photo of Pixie photo of Pixie

Female, Tabby

I'm such a little cutie! I'm a young girl, technically still a kitten, so I love to play and get attention. I would love to run around your house and keep you entertained with my silliness. Can you please take me home?


photo of Ryder photo of Ryder photo of Ryder

Male, Domestic Short Hair - orange and white

I'm a gentle old sir who would love to spend the rest of his days with you!


photo of Sebastian photo of Sebastian

Male, Domestic Short Hair - gray and white

I am a sweet kitty, but this place is a little overwhelming. I am doing better but I am not ready to leave my kennel yet. I have lived with another cat and did well, there is just to much chaos for me at this time. I am coming out of my shell a little at a time. Come spend time with me to help me socialize, you will fall in love and need to take me home.


photo of Shimmer photo of Shimmer photo of Shimmer

Female, Domestic Short Hair-black and white

I am a little shy so a quiet home would be best for me. I have beautiful eyes and a heart to match. Do you have any windows? I love to sit in the window and watch what's going on outside. Even though I am shy I will warm up once I am in a home and there aren't so many cats and people around. I would love to come home with you.


photo of Shira

Female, Domestic Medium Hair

I am very shy and scared. I need a calm, quiet home with no other cats, dogs, or small children. I might not like you at first but give me time and I will be a great companion in a new home. I have had a rough life up to this point and I can't wait for things to go my way. I may be missing some fur but my beautiful coat will grow back and I will need to be brushed regularly. Please give me a chance at a good life.


photo of Stella photo of Stella photo of Stella

Female, Domestic Short Hair-black

Stella was found in one of our pens in the front outside area. She was at first very scared of the people handling her. Now she has warmed up a lot and is even a little playful with the staff and volunteers. She will give you little play bites when you play with her. She is a super great cat who just wants the loving she deserves. Thanks to a friend in the community, Stella's adoption fee has been paid for you!


photo of Sybal photo of Sybal

Female, Domestic Short Hair-black

Fun, loving and energetic! Sybal is an amazingly cool cat who needs a good home!


photo of Tails photo of Tails photo of Tails

Male, Domestic Short Hair

I'm such a sweet little guy. I love people and other cats alike. If you give me a chance I could be a great new playmate for another kitty or just a good friend to you. I'm a pretty chill cat and I would do just fine in any home.


photo of Tara photo of Tara

Female, Domestic Long Hair

I am sooo cute, how can you resist me? If you have a quiet home I am the girl for you. I am a bit nervous right now with all the other cats around and so many people stopping by, but just go slow and I'll warm up to you fairly quickly. I need regular grooming with my long elegant fur. Please take me home so I can be happy with you forever.

Teddy Bear

photo of Teddy Bear photo of Teddy Bear photo of Teddy Bear

Male, Domestic Medium Hair-black

Are you looking for a cuddly companion? Look no further, I'm the Teddy Bear of your dreams! I might be a little feisty to start, but let me warm up to you; you won't be disappointed! You can snuggle up to me and night and I'll protect you from night terrors forever.


photo of Tempest photo of Tempest

Female, Domestic Short Hair

I need a calm quiet home where I can be the only princess in the house. I am a bit shy and it will take some time for me to get to know you. Don't let my shyness discourage you. I will be a great cat once I get a home. Please consider adopting me.


photo of Teresa

Female, Calico

I am an old girl who needs a comfortable home to spend the rest of my life in. I like dogs, cats, and kids! I love attention. I love getting scritches and I sound like a motar boat when I purr and I always ask for attention. I am very friendly and I love you. Come see me today!


photo of Tickles

Female, Domestic Short Hair

I'm a very calm sweet lady. I would be perfectly happy just to lay in a sunbeam or snuggle up on your lap all day. I would like a quiet home where I can spend my time relaxing. Another mellow kitty would be fine with me too.


photo of Tweekers photo of Tweekers photo of Tweekers

Female, Domestic Short Hair

I don't really like other cats, but I do like people. My favorite activities are eating, sleeping, and being pet, in that order. I am a plump girl who would be happy in just about any home as long as I have food to eat and a comfy place to sleep, your lap looks like the perfect place to sleep. Do you have treats? I would like some please. Is there enough room in your heart for a girl like me? Come visit me and you won't be able to say no.


photo of Vivienne

Female, Domestic Short Hair - gray and white

I am new and a little scared right now. With my humans I am friendly, playful, and outgoing. Once I get used to my new surroundings I will have more to tell you.


photo of Walter photo of Walter

Male, Domestic Short Hair - orange and white

Hi, hi, hi! I love you already! I am a talkative boy loves attention more than anything. I am used to being and indoor/outdoor cat so I need a home that will allow me my freedom. If you have rodents I will gladly help you out. I love to hunt and am very good at it. Snuggles, cuddles, belly rubs, I love it all. I would do well with dogs, cats, and kids. I am a very sweet kitty who just wants all the love and attention you have. Please take me home today. **Thanks to a caring sponsor, my adoption fee has already been paid for you!**


photo of Zoomy photo of Zoomy

Male, Tabby - Orange

I don't really like it here. There are way to many cats here, I would prefer to be the only cat in your heart. I would do best in a calm home. Please don't judge me based on first impression, I am just so nervous here. Let me sniff your hand and please go slow with me. As long as I am in my safe in my kennel I will probably let you pet me. I really need to find a home, please don't let me stay here for long.