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Adoptable Cats

View our list of cats available for adoption. Download the application and learn more about adopting a shelter pet.

Your adoption fee includes: spay/neuter, first set of vaccinations & deworming, and microchipping.


photo of Bee photo of Bee photo of Bee

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Deep down I'm a sweet guy, but I spent a lot of time out on my own, so it is taking me a little while to get used to people again. I like some pets sometimes if you go slow with me, but I need someone who will be patient with me. I really love to play though! Toys just might be the key to my heart.


photo of Boris photo of Boris photo of Boris

Male, Domestic Medium Hair/Mix

I'm a sweet and sassy guy! I will let you know (loudly) when I want attention and I will let you know (loudly) when I've had enough. I'm a very silly guy! Don't mind my haircut. I had a lot of mats when I came in and I had to be shaved to get them all off. I am not a big fan of most other cats, but I did live with my friend Natasha, so I might be okay with a mellow friend. I have had some problems with urinary blockages in the past, so I will need to be on a prescription diet. I'm such a sweet boy, so I'm totally worth it!


photo of Cobb

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Aren't I handsome? I'm also super sweet! I love people so much. I will take all of the pets I can get.


photo of Colette photo of Colette photo of Colette

Female, Domestic Medium Hair

Please come give me some pets! I just love people! I'm still a little nervous, but I have been really coming out of my shell. I love to perch on the corner of a cat tower and squeak at everyone until I get pets. I also get along great with other cats!


photo of Corinne photo of Corinne

Female, Domestic Longhair/Mix

I'm finally starting to get used to this busy place, and my true snuggle bug personality is coming out. I'm a sweet girl, and I love people so much! I will roll around and ask for belly rubs.


photo of Fennec photo of Fennec photo of Fennec

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a goofy guy with a spunky personality! I like some attention, but I'm pretty independent. In fact I would really like to be in a home with no other pets. I'm a super playful guy! Toys are the best thing ever! Please give me a chance. I've been at the shelter for so long.


photo of Gabrielle photo of Gabrielle photo of Gabrielle

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a very independent lady. I like some attention, but I mostly like to keep to myself. That is unless you have toys. Bring out the toys and we are best friends! I also get along well with other cats. If you're looking for a feline friend who isn't too needy, I'm your gal!


photo of Harrison photo of Harrison photo of Harrison

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Life is just so hard being Harrison. Laying around his kennel all day, eating as much as he wants, and getting cuddles. Sooo difficult. At least that's how this talkative guy likes to make it sound. Harrison has lots of things to say. He's so silly. He really is a great guy who loves attention. A calm home would be perfect for him.


photo of Linden

Female, Domestic Medium Hair/Mix

Muk Muk

photo of Muk Muk

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm the sweetest teddy bear! I'm a big girl and I love to snuggle! People are the best. I'm slowly getting used to other cats again too. If you're looking for an affectionate, laid back cat you should pick me! I promise I will help you keep nice and cozy warm this winter with lots of cuddles!


photo of Nelson photo of Nelson photo of Nelson

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I might be a little shy at first, but deep down I'm a snuggler. Once I get to know you I will take all the pets I can get. I really would like a nice calm retirement home with no other cats. Please get me out of this busy place.


photo of Penelope photo of Penelope photo of Penelope

Female, Domestic Longhair/Mix

I'm a big ham. No, I'm not just shaped like one! I love to be the center of attention and will sprawl out on the benches or cat room floor until someone pays attention to me. I love to be pet! I really want a nice calm home. The weather is getting cooler, and I promise I would keep you nice and warm with my big fluffy coat.


photo of Popcorn

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a silly little girl! I like people sometimes, but you have to go slow with me. I'm not a needy lady, and I'm pretty content to hang out on my own. A full food bowl, some toys, and maybe a nice place to nap, and I'm good to go. I'm a calm girl just looking for a calm home.


photo of Ralphie

Male, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm so upset that I am stuck here. I was so used to my nice home, and suddenly I've found myself here. I'm still not quite sure what to think being back at this scary place. Deep down I'm a gentle guy who loves pets, so please forgive me if I'm a bit hissy. I'm just nervous right now. If you bring me home I promise to be a good little couch potato. I've shown the staff what a love I can be when I calm down.


photo of Ridley photo of Ridley

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

I'm a big gal with a lot of love to give! I really like getting lots of pets and scritches. I don't mind being around other cats either! I'm such a good girl... Until my torti-tude takes over and I have to give you a light nibble. Don't worry they are just love bites! I'm a silly girl just waiting for the purrfect person or family to bring me home!


photo of Roger photo of Roger

Male, Siamese

I'm a super cuddly guy. I love people so much and I will take all the attention I can get! I'm just looking for the purrfect retirement home. A quiet calm home would be ideal for me. I get along with some other cats, but I would prefer a more calm feline friend.


photo of Sally

Female, Domestic Shorthair/Mix

Aren't I a pretty little thing? I'm also a love bug! I will take all the pets I can get, and if I don't feel like I'm getting enough attention I will start meowing at you until I do! I'm such a silly girl. I'm not the biggest fan of other cats right now, but I could probably coexist with one who left me be.